INTERVIEW Philippe OLIVA : “L’Inde va devenir un hub d’innovation majeur pour la nouvelle filiale d’Atos” (THE NEW ECONOMIST)

Interview de Philippe Oliva dans la plus prestigieuse revue économique d’Inde. D’après l’article, sur les 110 000 collaborateurs d’Atos, 40 000 seraient hindous. Oliva aurait-il compris qu’il fallait relancer Syntel, le principal contributeur de MOP d’Eviden et dont la notorité aux USA reste présente…

India will be an important innovation and research hub for Eviden, the soon-to-be spun-off subsidiary of French tech major Atos, said Philippe Oliva, CEO, Eviden, and Group Co-CEO, Atos Group. Oliva, who took charge of the newly formed unit in mid-2022 was in India to launch two new Cloud delivery centres in Bengaluru and Pune.

India, he said, would drive a large part of the R&D around the supercomputers and hardware, bringing in more sustainability around areas like water and air cooling of the Atos supercomputers.

Last year, the French company said it would be spinning off its digital, big data, security and consulting business into a new subsidiary, Eviden, accounting for about €5 billion of the combined €11 billion business. The new brand was launched a few days ago, and the separation process will be completed later this year, it said.

Oliva, who heads this new business said the company would continue to invest and hire in India. “We are investing in India to have the best innovative skills and provide key innovations that matter to our clients,” said Oliva.

“In Eviden, the core value will be around digital security, digital transformation, and cloud strategy, and I am relying heavily on our Indian team to build up that momentum,” he said.

The launch of the cloud migration and operations centres is part of the strategy to do more work out of India. These centres would cater to the company’s customers across Europe and North America, where it is seeing more companies investing in digital transformation projects and moving to the cloud.

The company would also double down on its plans to grow its customer base in India, investing in its go-to-market capabilities, starting with sectors where it has a strong global presence like defence, energy, and public sector firms. Atos is a key partner on the government of India’s National Supercomputing Mission, and Oliva said that they continued to work closely on the next set of initiatives under the project.

India would also play an important role in driving research around supercomputing for Atos. The team is working on the motherboard of the high-performance computers as well as creating more sustainable solutions. The teams are in charge of everything related to water cooling and air cooling of our computers, so they are at the heart of the energy efficiency and engineering needed to ensure the highest level of sustainable commitment, he said.

At present, the Atos group has about 40,000 people in India. Oliva said they would continue to hire both fresh graduates as well as senior skills in areas like artificial intelligence, application development, security and cloud operations and applications. “That is part of the massive investment we’re making to ensure that we can continuously fuel the growth we have and also attract new talent.”


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    • Les indiens sont les indiens d’amériques, les habitants de l’inde sont les hindous.
      Vous avez le droit de ne pas être d’accord, mais déjà qu’ils ont été victime du génocide des mangeurs de hamburgers, si vous les faites disparaitre de la planète c’est pas cool.

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